Polymer 2


Polymerize is a Dart tool that enables using latest Polymer (2.0.0-rc.1 at the time of writing) with Dart. It features :



To use polymerize just add it as a dev_dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

 polymerize: ^0.8.1


To build a project using polymerize you have follow these steps :

  1. pub get/update to check and resolve the dependencies (like in normal dart projects)
  2. pub run polymerize:polymerize build this will generate or update bazel build files and run bazel for the first time


  1. repeat pub run polymerize:polymerize build to repeat the build

If bazel is eating to much memory give a bazel shutdown before repeating the build.

Developing with polymerize

To understand how to build a new component with Dart and polymerize see here: